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Julie Starr

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Beschreibung Every manager and leader has the potential to be a brilliant coach. Great coaching increase peoples engagement, learning and performance. Coaching is the must-have leadership skill that helps you get the best from your team, and Brilliant Coaching shows how you can have it too. By adopting methods specifically developed and proven in business, youll discover what it takes to be a leader or manager who can coach, and apply simple coaching principle in everyday scenarios. With Brilliant Coaching youll unlock your inner coaching ability and reap the visibly rewards quickly. Feel confident in your ability to be a great coach Put core coaching skills into action Increase performance in your workplace 'Extremely effective tips on coaching principles backed up by true-to-life examples and exercises throughout. A brilliant tool for success.'Stephen R.

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eBook - Brilliant Coaching 3e

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Updated: 25.06.2022
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